Click,Click, Bang! Silence: Deciphering The Sounds Of Your Broken Washing Machine

Broken washing machines can make any number of sounds or no sound at all. Trying to figure out what is wrong with your washing machine based on noises is a handy skill, but unless you know what the noises are, it really does not help. The following sounds and what they mean are brought to you by your washing machine.

Click, Click!

If you have a top loading washing machine and you have a constant funny click with no other movement or noise, this is probably the start switch. Look for a funny-shaped plastic or metal tab on the edge of the washing machine's lid. Follow that down to where this tab inserts into a slot. The tab is what depresses the switch underneath the top of the washing machine. Even when you lift and lower the lid, you should be able to hear a clicking sound. When you are attempting to run the machine and all you get is a clicking sound, the switch is broken or offset underneath the hood of the washing machine. It will need to be replaced or moved back into position.


A constant banging noise is indicative of an agitator gone wild. If you open the lid of your washing machine during the first cycle when the banging first begins, you can see the agitator moving. If you have a washing machine that stops when the lid is lifted, use a popsicle stick to depress the start switch (see above). Watch which way the agitator moves as it bangs, and then you can easily see if it is dysfunctional. Since this constant banging is not only annoying but also very bad for the rest of your washing machine, you will need to have the agitator repositioned and repaired.


Absolute silence when you try to run the machine means that there is probably something electrical amiss. The washing machine's motor may have kicked the proverbial bucket, or the power to the cord and/or through the cord may be disconnected somehow. Since most washing machines require a cord installation and attachment to the back of the machine, these screws and the cord can become detached. Reattaching them and checking your fuse box will help. If your washing machine still refuses to make any sort of sound or movement at all, then it is time for the repair technician, like those at All Appliance Service Inc, to come and take a look.

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