3 Whirlpool Washer Error Codes You Can Repair On Your Own

A washing machine has become an essential household appliance and is often a part of everyday life. This is why it can be very stressful when the machine malfunctions and a dreaded error code appears on the LED screen. If you own a Whirlpool washer, there are specific error codes assigned to this brand. By deciphering the error codes and determining the exact cause, you can take further steps to correct the issue. For three different error codes, you can actually purchase Whirlpool appliance repair parts and complete the task yourself. These codes are easy to manage and will get your washer running again in no time.

Error Code FH

When you try to start a load of laundry, one of the more common error codes you may come across is FH. This error code means that there no water access to the washer. To repair this error code, you should unplug the washer, pull it out and examine the inlet pipes to the appliance. By unscrewing the inlet valve, you can look for any clogs within the pipe itself or the inlet screen. If the inlet screen is damaged, you can purchase a replacement part to ensure even water flow into your washer with each load. Place the inlet hose into a bucket and turn on the water. Check to see the pressure and determine if anything is actually lodged inside the hose. In some cases, the hoses may have a kink that causes little to no water pressure. Replacing the hose for the washer can help improve the water flow and make it operational again.

Error Code F09

On the opposite end of things, you may find that water is not draining at all or draining too slowly. If this is the case, your Whirlpool washer will display the error code F09. This code is basically known as an overflow issue and means there are problems with the drainage system. By unplugging the washer and accessing the drainage hose, you can determine if any debris is clogging the drainage pipe. When washing clothes, lint, string, or items left in pockets can easily cause these blockages. Clean out the hose completely or purchase a replacement hose if the clog is really bad. If the pipe looks clear, then the water pump in the washer may be malfunctioning.

Access the drain pump on the washer and examine it for any debris or loose connections. If the washer still malfunctions, then you may need to purchase and install a new drain pump. Replacing a drain pump is a more involved process but can still easily be done once you purchase the correct pump. The pump is attached to a few hoses and the motor on the washer. It's simply about reconnecting the different connections and following guides within your repair manual.

Error Code F05

When using hot water to wash your clothes, a temperature sensor is often used to ensure that the water does not get too hot to too cold. When the sensor fails, you will see the F05 error code appear on the washer. In most cases, this may just be an electrical malfunction. Help fix this by unplugging the washer for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. If the error code returns, then the temperature sensor needs to be replaced. This washer part is a simple plug and play process. The sensor is attached to the inside of the washer and plugs into the main control board. There may be some support clips that help keep the sensor in place. It's easy to slip the new part into the washer and prevent the error code from appearing again.

When shopping for parts or looking up repair help, it's important to ensure that you know your exact model number. This can make a huge difference on the parts and repairs that you need. For more information, contact a local appliance repair company like Automatic Appliance.

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